Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Voice to Text Test from DECEMBER 2017, Made me Lul

Yo what's going on just 123 123 test 123 2:35.
I am on my way to the store. 
 Everything's one dog. Dollar. Did you put the bag today. 
There we go. Anybody got anything to say you say it to my phone so it can write about it later on 
in my book panama spooked 12th a fantastic is America. So we just got done shopping at Dollar Tree 
and now we're on our way home we bought some presents or our nephews and we hope that they have a
good christmas this year 2070. I really don't think that I'm going to be editing much because 
speech to text and it is pretty freaking hilarious. Lol it. This thing actually picked up the 
ladies voice and she said would you like a bag with that but it says would you like a dog with a
bag or something pretty funny. Huh hey young award. So many cars driving its 3 in the afternoon 
and it is busy hustle and bustle of Crescent City. Who now we go. Alrighty then. Can you see what's
 going on here the greatest. So we're coming up to stoplight and it just turned red. Set up the
 greatest this stuff right itself I tell you green light let's go. A couple was walking across
 the road way with the dog on a leash this thing you could do in the world but all means that
you be free and choose to do dangerous thing by the way this is the reason why crosswalk Texas
 if you're wondering why people keep getting hit with cars most the time I'm imagining they 
probably didn't o'clock so now that stoplight on the corner year of Washington Boulevard and 
we're going to be turning left the light is green and we are not going to make it the light
 turned red on me thanks school bus thank you for set. I like the fun like you like a fun hey.
 I I think it's a cool app out
Yeah I'm not proofreading anything I already told him.
The so hahaha.
Its funny me too cool for school man. Everyone right now is getting out of work and getting out
 of school
Everybody getting your cars.
It's closer.
Closer yeah there's a lot of people here roaming around roaming not agree my let's do this so
 we're going on our way down the road and a westerly that Western the fashion. Whatever. My 
noticed that the local graffiti graffiti traffic. Navigate to be announcing everything they were
 doing there's a red Ford F 250 on the right hand side of road way bark text messaging legally.
 Kids are on their way home from school they're walking in the afternoon temperature is 56 degrees. 
Baby is sitting in a movie at a stop sign weather hands on the steering wheel that headed to 
stream Lee annoyed and her hair is short. Haha.
I do include the description she she was at like complected. Alright work and I'm not writing 
what I'm thinking.
Book right electricity about a drive down to the store on afternoon in Crescent City California 
2017. There's a green Chevy do driving around downtown by myself and I'm going to lunch shampoo 
going to lunch. Boo boo boo. Okay near by myself and there's Pandora sitting next to me. So what's
your name as Pandora hey. Wow. So we're driving towards the beach and the Sun is
In the sky at about a 45 degree angle it's the perfect time of the day. This a dead skunk on the
 side of the road. The speed limit and 35 in this song. It takes like dead skunk outside. Now would
 be gone long run over holy cow. Yeah yet. Yeah yuck. Mary Jo. That girl comes at the beach if 
you're going to be skunk make sure you going to eat roadkill make sure you don't eat some because
 it is disgusting. If there's anybody out there who actually come on feel sorry for you but because
 when you fart it smells like some. Haha. Rent. Its so nice and sunny I am near the beach. And 
I'm being told goodbye a little teenage girl. Why do tailgate why. Give me that vitamin get some 
of that vitamin D.
Hey this is about to conclude our journey from house to the store but in a picture any it was
 applebees driving that great. Why can we get the mail do we already do that. Grab mail. So there's
 a couple of kids hanging out by the mailbox the local ad paper looking at toys apparently we 
grabbed our mail and we're going to go home. Saying here with Pandora. That girl Pandora that.. 
Sammy's getting pretty old and he looks great. Not we're going for it no blinker official. Scallywag 
flag status the only ones with leaves in our yard it leaves in our yard. Correct. Nice talk. 
Black widows on our front porch. I'm expecting to see white or gray but it was like a Black Mirror
 cuz I can.

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