Sunday, August 5, 2018

YouTube, Licensing and Copyright Issues WARGAMING WORLD OF TANKS, WARSHIPS, ETC

Here is the policy of creating monetized videos from these games.

Here are the games:

From the link above, here is verbatim what is said by 
Community Manager 

"As an update for everyone: Wargaming is happy for anyone to create content featuring our games and monetize this content using YouTube's monetization system.

A licence is no longer required.

In case any of you experience any issues with your videos being copyright claimed by the Youtube_VSP_Managed network, please contact the community team (PM to: Brynd + Ph3lan + Ectar + MrConway) with the following information:

  • Real name and surname used on YouTube

  • Channel link

  • Email Address used on Youtube"

 These are the games that they run:

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