Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Why do I sometimes feel like Blah!


Because I am human, I know, I know...

Is it me or has it been really hot lately?

I finished up that class on creating an android app with unity, it was 165 lessons, and I still feel like I did not do a good job with it, I keep wanting ultra professional triple A quality with my little one man studio of just me with not a ton of experience, me in a nutshell, it's never good enough, but with time limits and deadlines being what they are, it has to be. 

 I may revisit this later, I feel currently that the other content is suffering due to my attention solely being focused on "Game Dev" and it might not be good for the balance of my life right now.

I am working on two E-books in collaboration with a few authors, so stay tuned for those to come out in the next few months. They are action adventure teen genre books, they will be available on amazon along with the rest of the F3ND1MUS books that already exist, those are teen, and satire/ comedy.

I will also bring some focus back to the YouTube channel with an Eve online stream and answering some questions from the community type Vlogs/Blogs so stay tuned for that.

Any questions or comments just hit me up on twitter @F3ND1MUS I usually respond on there.

Have a good day, consider yourself updated.


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