Tuesday, August 14, 2018

August 14, 2018 Update

Talking about what is going on with things!

What is going on with the YouTube Channel and Website!?
Youtube is going well, I actually live stream usually daily, and I am focusing on playing a new/old game called Age of Empires II: HD Edition.

It's a really cool game and I have a ton of fun because it has tactics from war, what is there not to like! the action is intense and I really like calling the action like a sportscaster or announcer, I get to practice announcing, and I also get to play some really cool online action battles, love it!

I am making video gameplays and some commentary on cool games with companies that like YouTubers, Blizzard is a huge company that likes us, so I am playing Hearthstone, and I am also playing World of Warships as well.

A new game that I started playing yesterday was Light a Way on my mobile phone, it's a really beautiful looking idle game with lots of depth, you should check it out, the company that runs it is really good.

I figured out how to setup my Xsplit the right way today to live stream, turns out I had this i7 6xxx series processor and I was not set right on my encoder settings, so I was not packaging up the data right and my stream was crashing mid stream all the time, the things we have to learn on our own sometimes right?!

so that is pretty much it, check out all my stuff on


and I will see you guys later!

Peace out!

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