Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Truth About Creating, Sometimes People Don't Want to Create and That's Okay!

Here are some thoughts I had on creativity the other day.

Creating is work* by definition, but not in a negative way sometimes, and other times it is. And like so many other things in life, it's complicated. So let me break down my thoughts on creating and creative energy, which may help other creators in their journey and struggles of their creative adventure.

If you don't feel like posting videos/blogs/photos/paintings/games/etc, then maybe you shouldn't. You don't have to create stuff if you don't want to.

The work suffers if you are forced to create something you don't really care about. If you are passionate about something you will naturally be inclined towards that thing in which you are passionate for, and this time invested will lead to experience which may lead to expertise and ultimately mastery of the craft in which you are passionate. At that point your work speaks for itself, it has risen to another level and stands alone for people of the world to see and admire, maybe even aspire to your level.

The truth of this matter is that to master anything in life takes years to accomplish, this is not attained quickly, there is no shortcut to success. Everything you do until you reach the master level I would consider practice. The more practice the better in my opinion.

So if you don't feel like practicing, take a day off. What works for me is to work on different disciplines at a time, so if I don't feel like writing, I may do some computer programming, or I may do some wood working, or I may do some gardening, or filming outside for my stock footage and cinematography work, or I may just work out even more for the day, and on and on it goes, having goals really helps.

So if I can offer you some words of encouragement they would be this, at times I feel overwhelmed, or discouraged, that is okay, take a break and after some time those feelings may pass. If you really don't like doing something, even after taking a break for days or weeks, then maybe you shouldn't be doing that.

For now, keep on kraken!


noun: work; plural noun: works; plural noun: the works
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    activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.

    "he was tired after a day's work in the fields"

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    • Theology
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