Saturday, July 14, 2018

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 20 Thoughts! The Death of Judd's BB Game.

***Spoiler Alert Warning***

Wow, this season is getting really explosive. So many lies! The double eviction is over, AAryn did an amazing job winning POV and HOH what a beast! She took Judd out last episode, and now it  looks like the women are creating a final alliance.

Wow, how crazy they got rid of JUD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

He was such a loyal player!

What a huge mistake, and a tear jerker! 

Nobody wanted that guy gone, but the strong players of the house took control and pushed the switch in the little time that was left, causing the outcome...Well played Amanda and Helen.

Everyone feels really bad for Judd, but I think that he had built up too many connections in the house and was too much of a "nice guy" that he became a threat to the people in power, the group turned on him like a group of piranha.

You are probably going to need some wine after this one.

[sadly drinks]

Spencer sees what is going on with this group, it seems like a stranded group in the mountains and winter has arrived, and there is no food, and they are eating their own, its bad...

And just when you feel like you are at bottom, the story goes on, you pick yourself back up, and it's time for the HOH comp.

CBS really goes all out for these sets to create these competitions, great work set design team!


Catch the rest of the episode here:

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